Big Announcements!


Hi there, Andrea here again.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been kind and shared the link to our blog around the web. Turns out people really wanted to read some of the stuff we have translated. So much so that when I woke up yesterday I had a personal message waiting for me with some really cool information followed by a talk with Irrevilent that led to a decision on something we’re going to translate. Hit the jump to learn about it!

Sweet Potato Scans is on Dynasty Scans!

That is right! We are going to get our doujins and such uploaded on my personal favourite site for browsing translated yuri manga. You can find our first stuff up there right now by either just browsing through the regular categories or by going directly to our group page on Dynasty Scans right here.

We are announcing an ongoing translation series!

As if that wasn’t enough awesome news, we are happy to announce that we’ll be translating the ongoing Shirobako 4koma series by なべお (super_nabeo) which is currently on its 11th strip. As with our first release, it’s based on the Ema Yasuhara x Ai Kunogi ship and is basically their cute everyday life as a couple. It’s mostly all-ages (one or two strips might me tagged R-15) and it’s fully colour. The header image on this news post is by the same artist. The series will get its own tab in the menu so that you can easily follow it too.

And that’s it! We’ll obviously be doing stuff that isn’t the Ema x Kunogi series as well, but until we’re caught up it’ll at least be our focus. Thank you for the support so far.


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