Release: Who Does Kotori Ship? (Love Live!)


KotoNico by yua1810
Originally posted on Twitter on 5/8/2015

From the daily Love Live! 60 Minute Drawing Challenge comes this little gem where we learn just who Kotori- Oops, I mean Minalisnky ships herself with. A short and quick one, but I wanted to get something out after we’ve had so much silence recently. Also, we now have a Twitter account that you can check out! Continue reading


Release: The Time Is Now Now~♥ (Shirobako)

Ema x Kunogi - 02 - BannerEma x Kunogi 4koma by なべお
Originally posted on Pixiv on 9/2/2015

Told you we were back!

Yeah, sorry about the long wait for this one. I had the (incredibly short) translation script for like a month but I just never got around to it for some reason.

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Release: Kunogi-san vs Social Life (Shirobako)

Ema x Kunogi - 01 - Banner

Ema x Kunogi 4koma by なべお
Originally posted on Pixiv on 7/2/2015

Here it is, the first strip in the currently ongoing Ema x Kunogi 4koma series that we’ll be translating from here on. Don’t have much to say except thank you all so much for the support so far! Tell me; is it just a dream? I’ll leave you be so you can read the strip now.

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Release: Tsundere Miku-nyan (Cinderella Girls)


Episode 3 Outtake by にくきゅう
Originally posted on Pixiv on 27/1/2015

Our first translated 4koma and our first translated colour comic. This one, like the Miku-nyan Navel Manga, is based on the challenges Miku and Mio endured in the third episode of THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. I tried using coloured text for each character to match the comic, but I’m not sure that was the right thing to do. Let me know if I should drop that in the future, or perhaps go for shades that blend to the background better.

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Release: MioMiku Aftermath (Cinderella Girls)


Miku-Nyan Navel Manga by 藍玉 (aidama43)
Originally posted on Pixiv on 29/1/2015

Not only is this one of my favourite ships right now, I am basically the reason that the MioMiku tag even exists on Pixiv. As I have tagged about 90% of the stuff there and drawn some of it as well. Here’s a cute all-ages mini-doujin about what happened after Mio beat Miku in the challenges of THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls‘ third episode. There’ll be more MioMiku on here in the future, that I can promise.

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Release: Lesbian Animators! (Shirobako)


Ema x Kunogi by うぅたろう
Originally posted on Pixiv on 13/2/2015

Ah, Shirobako. A wonderful anime with great writing, characters and potential for yuri ships all around. And thankfully, うぅたろう happens to agree with that. This doujin features Ema and Ai doing some extra “reference work” that leads into some great sex between the two lovebirds. It’s R-18 so if you’re not of age, forget that anyone dared to sexualize the Shirobakos for now.

NOTE: Since this is our first release, we’re still not sure how well WordPress handles galleries for comics like this. But if I understand properly you can basically flip through them like a digital book by just hitting the thumbnails after the jump. Do enjoy!

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