Tweet Tweet~! Birbs in the house.

Sweet Potato Scans are now on Twitter!

We’ve wanted to make an account for a while now, but due to both of our schedules this summer making us unable to work on SPS much we held off. Sorry about that by the way, we have something small coming up later today as an apology.

But yeah, go follow us on twitter and you’ll see when we post stuff.


Big Announcements!


Hi there, Andrea here again.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been kind and shared the link to our blog around the web. Turns out people really wanted to read some of the stuff we have translated. So much so that when I woke up yesterday I had a personal message waiting for me with some really cool information followed by a talk with Irrevilent that led to a decision on something we’re going to translate. Hit the jump to learn about it!

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Welcome to Sweet Potato Scans!


Hello there.

I’m Andrea, a girl who’ve been a fan of Japanese comics and such since the 90s and someone who’s especially fond of girls. Because of these two interests fitting well together, I decided to grab a friend of mine, Irrevilent, and start this little scanlation group; Sweet Potato Scans!

Named after the most sacred bond girls can have; the potato marriage, will translate 4komas and smaller web-doujins that generally tend to get overlooked by the bigger groups focusing on Comiket releases and the more heavy and popular work.

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