Release: Who Does Kotori Ship? (Love Live!)


KotoNico by yua1810
Originally posted on Twitter on 5/8/2015

From the daily Love Live! 60 Minute Drawing Challenge comes this little gem where we learn just who Kotori- Oops, I mean Minalisnky ships herself with. A short and quick one, but I wanted to get something out after we’ve had so much silence recently. Also, we now have a Twitter account that you can check out! Continue reading

Tweet Tweet~! Birbs in the house.

Sweet Potato Scans are now on Twitter!

We’ve wanted to make an account for a while now, but due to both of our schedules this summer making us unable to work on SPS much we held off. Sorry about that by the way, we have something small coming up later today as an apology.

But yeah, go follow us on twitter and you’ll see when we post stuff.

We are working on things!


Another reminder that we are, in fact, not dead. And to prove it, here’s a sample from a page I’m currently editing.

If you enjoy catgirls, holidays and lesbians you can look forward to good times on SPS soon.

Sorry for things taking time, both me and Irrevilent have a lot of stuff to do other than SPS.

We’re not dead!


Sorry for the lack of updates, both me and Irrevilent have been busy with our personal lives and there’s just not been any time to work on things here. But we have work that is waiting to get finished for released, some of which has been translated and it’s on me to finish up the editing on, and some of which is all on Irrevilent, so go bug him about it. 😛

Release: Kunogi-san vs Social Life (Shirobako)

Ema x Kunogi - 01 - Banner

Ema x Kunogi 4koma by なべお
Originally posted on Pixiv on 7/2/2015

Here it is, the first strip in the currently ongoing Ema x Kunogi 4koma series that we’ll be translating from here on. Don’t have much to say except thank you all so much for the support so far! Tell me; is it just a dream? I’ll leave you be so you can read the strip now.

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Big Announcements!


Hi there, Andrea here again.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been kind and shared the link to our blog around the web. Turns out people really wanted to read some of the stuff we have translated. So much so that when I woke up yesterday I had a personal message waiting for me with some really cool information followed by a talk with Irrevilent that led to a decision on something we’re going to translate. Hit the jump to learn about it!

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